Bleep Bulimia Episode 13 with Jacalyn Schwan Candid Interview About Being Bulimic for 15 Years


I really appreciate Jacalyn for sharing her candid and compelling story about bulimia, and her continued struggle with it.  As a Bulimia Recovery Coach, this interview was not easy.  It is, however, honest and true.  When a bulimic is not ready to let go and still feels bulimia is the answer to remaining slim, it is a bigger challenge to recover, and as a coach, I would be there to listen, however until the client is truly ready, any program would have a lesser chance of being successful.  As we discuss, it really does have to come from within.  It has to be a personal choice to let go and recover.  To do it for others will not be sustainable.  

I do want to emphasize that you CAN recover from bulimia.  You can maintain a healthy weight after recovery.  It is important for both of these that YOU have the desire to.  

We also speak to the different levels of bulimia.  In Jacalyn’s case, she is not a binger, however she does purge every day. 

Jacalyn also spoke observing online posts where people seem to feel the need to “outdo” each other in severity.  As discussed with Lisa Arnold, this can often reflect a need for attention.  It may not be the kind we truly want.

Jacalyn also questioned the influence of support groups on Facebook, wondering if they may be a trigger at times.  I know I had felt that in live groups when I was first seeking to recover, particularly if the information was negative.  

This interview is to share with the listeners the story of someone still struggling, and I admire Jacalyn for agreeing to share.  There are not many non-recovered bulimics willing to do this.

Thank you, Jacalyn.

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